Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Organised...beyond perfection

John Lewis Fair Isle Hat - £10

So after my big long ranty post about Christmas shopping last week, guess what I've gone and done?

Only all of my Christmas shopping of course, and this year I went for the theme 'Organised...beyond perfection'.

Yes.  No mulled wine and Michael Buble, no homemade glittery gluey gifts, no crashing round the shops in the rain with 23 carrier bags, no 'everyone gets a book this year' and no 'doing my Christmas shopping in January'.

I'd like to think that 'Organised...beyond perfection' would be a bit of a strapline for my Christmas shopping experience this year in a kind of 'Bounty...the taste of paradise' advertising way.  Oh how grand I think I am, to actually have an advert for my Christmas shopping and a strapline.

My 'Organised...beyond perfection' is in my mind, a good thing.  Others may see it as a mental disorder.

The level of organisation goes a bit like this:

Excel spreadsheet with names of recipients and urls for each of the presents plus date ordered
PowerPoint with page for each recipient and pictures of their gifts
Dedicated Christmas gift shelf with wrapping paper, Sellotape and Christmas cards set up production line style.

No - I don't have too much time on my hands but I am also of the mindset that a visit to 'Elves Anonymous' might be in order.

"Hello.  My name's Mhairi and I'm an Elf."

So I inadvertently themed the experience by being superorganised and I also sneaked in a presents theme - all children to receive a hat and books, so if you're a child reading my blog, sorry - now you know what you're getting.

I think that actually, a hat and a book is a thoughtful gift.  Hats keep your head warm and books keep your head stimulated and creative.

A hat and a book - what more could a head wish for.

The Bear who had never seen Christmas, John Lewis - £10

So there it is.

My Christmas theme for 2013 and evermore actually I think.

If I was going to get a hat and a book for myself, this is what I'd be after...

His latest...(Have you read The Tipping Point?)

Moncler Reindeer Bobble hat - perfect for my head

And jewels.

Ho ho ho..!


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