Friday, 29 November 2013

And so this is so not Christmas

Sorry John Lennon.  I'm sure you would never have imagined your beautiful ode to Christmas and all things new and peaceful to be wrecked by an overstretched ( in every way) domestic Goddess in the making feeling a bit non-Christmassy.  I say "in the making" as I have yet to stumble upon a neat little package of cannabis and cocaine which would (if the papers are to be believed), make me a fully fledged domestic Goddess (or a kitchen disaster of course).

In my book, most things are either brilliant or a disaster anyway.  If it's middle of the road then I'm not interested and I'll probably fall asleep.

Nigella - I still salute you and worship at your tree.  I know most people in society will take a dim view of your choice of 'kitchen props' but I for one couldn't care less.  You'll always be a Domestic Goddess to me.

Maybe the only way you can actually be arsed to dish up five different types of Christmas cookie - snowman, elf, reindeer, santa, tree whilst you're boiling a ham in cherry coke and stirring ginger beer gravy is to be high on a bit of Christmassy marching powder.  I prefer a large gin or two and that is perhaps where I am going wrong.

So the reason for my post?  Feeling really non-Christmassy...that's all.

Feeling like I should be baking gingerbread men and at least bothering to even find my decorations but am just too busy working and fighting a cold which has depleted all my energy levels and brainpower so now just wandering around with a head of fluff and fog, feeling a bit spaced out and a bit non-Christmassy.

I'm not alone but this is unusual for me as I remember baking gingerbread cookies and giving to all neighbours in little home made boxes last year, probably just after Bonfire night, with a wooly bobble hat on and maybe some elf shoes.

This year - the Christmas mojo has gone and it's basically the start of Christmas on Sunday.

I have one and a half days to find my Christmas mojo...

Pass the Babycham...


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